First Time at Heidi Fleiss

   First Time with Heidi Fleiss

At Heidi Fleiss we will be happy to help our new visitors who are undecided about their escort choice. Through the many years of experience on how to deal with various requests we developed a new criteria and design which we now apply on Heidi Fleiss. Very easy to navigate, visually honest and delightful with our creative photography. And full of useful information.

From the top navigation tabs to the "one-click" search options in the centre everything is simple and straight-forward. Even the most techno-phobic person could not fail to find whatever he wants on this site.

Our receptionists are always honest, courteous and respectful and provide you with the true information about our beautiful female escorts .

We would advice our first time visitors to observe following points:


When you ready to make a booking we would need to know: your name, your contact telephone number, type of booking (incall or outcall) the date, time and duration of your appointment.


Where the client visits the escort either at her home or at an address specifically used for seeing clients. Most of our independent escorts are stay in different comfortable and good standard apartments around Johannesburg. Be punctual; if you are late please let us know in advance so we can inform escort ASAP and not to terminate your booking.



When the escort visits the client's home or hotel. For hotel visits we will need your name, hotel details, your contact telephone number and the date time and duration of the appointment. If your booking has been made in advance we do ask that once you have checked into your hotel would you please telephone us to let us know your room number. For home visits we will need your name, full postal address, telephone number, the date, time and duration of the appointment.

Specific Requests

If you are looking for particular request that implicate service, dress code, personality we would advise you to have a look at their complete profile which including personal details, wardrobe, services, friends, reviews and exclusive gallery with more and larger photos of each escort then on most sites! So you can enjoy a closer look and get what you see! Under the Services tab you find a comprehensive list of the services the girl / boy can offer.
And if you don't understand some of the abbreviations, another single click will take you to Heidi’s


   Guide To Sexual Terms

Here you can find a full and comprehensive explanation about all the abbreviations used on the web site.

Be certain to specify what you like if you are not sure who to book for your first experience This will help our receptionists to understand more about your preferences when you will be calling for bookings.
We try to keep only good girls and boys on Heidi Fleiss website, so when it comes to recommendation we can recommend easily depending on the request. We know all our escorts personally.


We only accept cash (at the beginning of the appointment), please don't be offended by the escort counting it. Please do not try to insult our escorts by trying to negotiate with them. Escorts rates may vary, listed in their profile and no negotiation is possible.
We would advise you to take care of financial arrangements without being asked to ensure that the booking proceeds smoothly.
We heard stories from our Heidi’s guys putting payment in heart shape on outcall bookings:) however, an envelope is an easy solution.


If you need to cancel your appointment and have given us enough notice, no fee will apply.



If the escort arrives at your hotel or home and for some reason you need to cancel, it is expected that you pay the escort at least enough to cover the return taxi fares.

If after say 10 minutes into the appointment you are not getting along, and providing no entertainment has taken place, it is acceptable for you to ask the escort to leave and to pay them 20% of the agreed fee as a cancellation fee.

If entertainment has taken place the appointment may be terminated by yourself but payment will be expected in full.



If when you get to the escort he/she is not what you had expected for any reason, you may terminate the appointment there and then. If you want to tip the escort to recompense for the time and effort they have made to get ready that will be very much appreciated.

If after say 10 minutes into the appointment you are not getting along, and providing no entertainment has taken place, it is acceptable for you to ask to leave and to collect back 80% of the fee you had paid, leaving the escort with just 20% of the agreed fee as a cancellation fee.

If entertainment has taken place the appointment may be terminated by yourself but the full payment will be kept and no monies will be returned.


Your genuine reviews are important to us, to our new visitors, escorts, strippers and yourself. With them you can be sure to gain a good insight into the escort and stripper as far as her looks and performance are concerned. They are well listed under Heidi’s Reviews tab in each escort profile.


   Tips for how to write a review

Firstly, keep it simple!

Be totally honest with yourself, about what you want to say, Good or Bad! After all, a constructive, and fair criticism, will help the lady and gent to improve there service for your next liaison, or with someone else. Don't be rude, or offensive to  what you write.

Express Yourself! Say what YOU really feel as a reviewer, not just what you think the lady or gent would like to read, be imaginative and original in your writing style.

Be tactful, and subtle about what you post, regarding the personal/private side of the meeting. Say how you felt, sure, but BE DISCREET! And respectful.

Good idea to start off with a compliment to the lady or gent, there appearance, smell, personality, how good they made you feel etc. A classy escort or stripper will remember this, and make just that little bit more extra effort to please you next time.
Finally, tell the lady or gent, how much fun, enjoyment, you had with them, or didn't have, and why.

The old adage "You can't teach on old dog new tricks" is absolutely not true, and all of us are learning something new every day of our lives. And everything new that we learn, be it good or bad, expands our horizons and finally we end up a better person that we had previously been.


Sincerely yours,
Heidi Fleiss