Fantasy Creation

We all have this hidden desire to try something completely different or even to have a special event created just for you.

It could be something like :

Hi there! I have always wanted to try being with two people getting and caught in the act by the hotel staff manager who happens to be really sexy and asks if could join in …..

…or something like this:

Hi there! I have always wanted to be with a couple a girl and a guy and that anything can happen just for the experience.

Or it could be as simple as I am coming to town please could you arrange everything from A to B. The pick up at the airport by the person of your choice is waiting there for you to arrive and takes you to the awaiting car. Where something could happen whilst on the way (all your choices). The vehicle will take you to your hotel suite that is not booked in your name. In the room, all the fantasy items that you can ever wish for are created all the way down to the outfit the roleplay and the drink in the hand welcoming you in.